Stage-Gate model for accompanying products in the environment provided by the Eigenmethod team

We have adjusted a general Stage-Gate model and received a high-quality tool regulating the process of product development. We not only use this approach for our own internal products such as Platform Taxi and myBond but also offer it to clients for solving their tasks.

We can offer the maintenance of our client’s products during the whole product life cycle and during a certain stage or stages.

Conditionally, all stages can be divided into two groups: before the development and after the development.

Before the development we can help the client with advice at the main stages of the product conception: Idea и Concept. Our expert opinion on the product idea, its concept and business plan will help to adequately evaluate the possibility of realizing the client’s idea.

At Vision stage we can conduct research work and come up with a number of hypotheses which will allow to form a high-quality product concept.

As an example we can name our research in the MADP sphere. We put forward a hypothesis that if we take a certain communication protocol, we can significantly be greater in speed. The hypothesis proved to be true. Afterwards another issues were hypothesized and research was conducted. As the result, the concept of HyperHive mobile platform was formed and then the product was developed.

Thus, we can help the client to carry out the full R&D cycle, at first performing research works on the specified issue according to the Kanban concept, and then, if the concept is evaluated successfully, developing the project.

The next is Development stage. Our team has organized the process of testing and development according to the Scrum techniques, please find more details here.

After that, Validation stage. When the product has been developed, it is necessary to ensure that this product fits the business process which the product is based on. Please find more details on this process here.

At the Launch stage includes the preparation of site deployment, product deployment and product launch. If it is necessary to participate in marketing research, our specialists can work out an idea about how the advantages of the solution can be presented.

Support stage. We can provide technical support for the product, as well as help the client to create their own support line consulting them on organizing the process, choosing staff and teaching future specialists.

At the end there is a Close stage where we can help the client to remove the product from the support.

It should also be noted that thanks to the Stage-Gate model it is possible to considerably reduce expenses on the development of the products which can be unsuccessful in future. At the earliest and inexpensive Concept or Vision stages a product committee, which can take the decision about further work on an idea or concept, is gathered. Thus, potentially unsuccessful product will not go to the Development stage, where the price of an error could be high.