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Secure Vision

What is Secure Vision?

Artificial Intelligence Protecting Your Store. Thefts caused by shoplifters, either amateurs or professionals, cost retailers billions of dollars annually in lost profit. How can retailers best deter a shoplifter and reduce these losses. Stealing and rogues are very important issues in the retail business.

Secure Vision

You have no need to watch for all clients: just know the thieves by sight

We offer the solution finding undesirable persons at the store entrance.

The solution is based onthe innovation technology ofthe face recognition at the store entrance.

Face model
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Components of the system

The camera at the store entrance

The computer with software which dentifies the faces from the video and transfers them to the server

The server with thieves faces database and face recognition functionality

The mobile application for the security service officer which receives notifications about appearance suspicious persons

How does Secure Vision work?

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What you will get with Secure Vision

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Ready to use by your security service application platform based onthe scientific approach

No more repeated thefts by the criminals in your store

Additional advantages when using criminals database merged with third-party organization’s data

Also you can use our system for other tasks like recognition of loyal consumers or identification of employees.

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How do you become the owner of Secure Vision?

Order the demonstration of the running system

Equip the store entrance with cameras, connect them to the computer with internet connection and start using Secure Vision!

Implementation takes about 2 months

Why should you work with us?

Secure Vision uses a technology which is an acknowledged world leader in the face recognition

We develop software and mobile applications which is using Secure Vision according to your needs

At the moment the system is saving money for banks and retail stores

Additional product information:

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Mykola Strutynski, BDD