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accelerating the budgeting process

Do you want your budgets to be accurate and manageable?

Would you like to speed up the budgeting process significantly?

Do you wish to make budget management an exciting process for your team?


Order a modern budget management system right now!


Eigenmethod team, including business consultants, analysts, certified technical consultants, will offer you the best and innovative methods and technological tools to build an accurate and fast budget management system in your company. We will select the best suited IT tool for automating budgeting, integrate your management systems into a single information flow, and involve the team in executing the budget process.

How do we do this?

Our methodologists and business analysts will:


  • conduct AsIs analysis of existing planning processes, listen to your wishes and prepare an improved ToBe model of budget management processes;

  • develop or adapt a financial and budgetary structure for your company;

  • develop or update a budget model for you, which will include:
    ●    budget form templates
    ●    planning methods and algorithms for calculating budget data
    ●    rolling or discrete budgeting principles
    ●    scenario modelling and versioning
    ●    information flows (top-down, bottom-up, counter budgeting)
    ●    methods of budget execution control

  •  develop processes and regulations of planning, approval procedures, budget execution control;

  • describe the necessary connections for exchanging data with related systems.



Our IT experts and developers will:бюджетирование-схема

  • carefully examine your existing accounting and analytical systems to maximize the efficient use of your current data;

  • develop the most optimal IT landscape for building an updated budgeting system;

  • create an automatic download of actual data from different accounting systems;

  • design and implement the necessary data integrations with your existing systems;

  • create a modern storage of your data.  Your data will be enriched with the necessary information to make the right decisions;

  • set up your target budgeting system, test, prepare instructions and train users;

  • set up workflows for your team to ensure timely and convenient execution of the budget process;

  • will support your employees at all stages of budget campaigns.


We have professional financiers, a methodological base, experience in project implementation and modern IT tools for implementing a budget management system in your company



We look forward to discuss your business tasks!


On what platforms is the budget management system implemented, and what does it look like??




Cloud platform SAP Analytics Cloud allows creating budgets in the web interface. An Internet browser is enough for your team to work on the budget. The built-in budgeting workflow system will coordinate the actions of the process participants. SAP Analytics Cloud enables making predictions based on historical data and performing "what-if" analysis in a scenario modelling system. The platform provides the ability to view information from mobile devices quickly.




SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) is a mature, professional system for organizing budget management in a company of any size. The system empowers to automate the processes of planning and budgeting, forecasting and calculations. It significantly reduces the duration of budget cycles, increases the accuracy, reliability and analyticity of planned and forecast data. 

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