We can provide a measurable result to our clients for expenses saving and gaining additional profit thanks to an impeccable reputation, tremendous appreciation of SAP Vendor, and proven efficiency of solutions.

Clients in 6 countries use our solutions

Representative offices in 3 countries

12 IT directions authorized by SAP Vendor.

6 SAP Recognized Expertise awards in 3 economic sectors and in 3 IT areas

12 official references from clients

26 implementation projects of SAP systems


13 SAP BI certified consultants

19 SAP ERP certified consultants


Eigenmethod will help transform the business of companies and enterprises and ensure digital resiliency of information infrastructure implementing RISE with SAP S/4HANA

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Using the advanced, innovative experience of transition from traditional local technologies to more modern, innovative cloud technologies with the help of RISE with SAP S/4HANA, Eigenmethod will help transform the business of companies and enterprises and ensure digital resiliency of information infrastructure.

The business transformation as a service approach can help realize such critical features of an intelligent enterprise as:

  • Efficient growth and resources alignment by integrating data, business systems and relationships in selected cloud infrastructures,
  • Make informed decisions by linking datasets to real-time analytics and using free business process analysis capabilities,
  • Reduced losses and healthier financial reserves through fast and efficient response to business failures and free access to the SAP business network,
  • Increase business sustainability through best practices and prompt delivery of meaningful results to our customers, partners and businesses using SAP business technology platforms.

Together with RISE with SAP S/4HANA, we will be able to transform the business through:

Re-planning of business processes

Business processes integration is based on the SAP business model and experience gained from working with more than 400,000 customers in 25 industries. Customers can constantly analyze their business processes' effectiveness, compare them with industry standards, and quickly adapt to new requirements and business needs. Intelligence can be embedded in business processes through a direct connection to the SAP workflow, robotic process automation (RPA) and other artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Inclusion of technical migration

SAP tools and services support the entire technical path with fast evaluation time, complemented by a robust SAP ecosystem's proposals. They include automated services to transition to modular and standard landscape solutions for more rapid consumption of innovations in the cloud, and support for technical architects, promote smooth migration and high implementation.

The selected cloud infrastructure for customers works in the SAP data centre or with the chosen hyperscaler to take advantage of the infrastructure as a service without blocking the data and the system.

Building an intelligent enterprise

The SAP Business Technology Platform provides one semantic level in the enterprise, creating the basis for a holistic business transformation. This approach helps to keep the IT systems core of the enterprise clean and facilitates consumption:

  • Easily complement, extend, and integrate SAP solutions, partners, and third-party developers using the same data model and SAP platform and application services.
  • Access over 2200 APIs to help ensure integration into local, cloud and other systems.
  • Manage and plan across the enterprise in real-time and provide high-quality data for analytics, planning and artificial intelligence scenarios through a single semantic data layer.
  • Get great low-code or no-code capabilities to extend SAP solutions, intelligent RPA to automate a world-class workflow service for changing processes on the fly.

    RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud has built-in AI, RPA, advanced analytics and flexible deployment options, depending on the client's complexity.

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