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13 SAP BI certified consultants

19 SAP ERP certified consultants

SAP Analytics Cloud

simplifying access to analytical tools

Do you want to make the right strategic decisions based on precise data? 
Do you want to have instant access to valuable and user-friendly analytical information?
Do you want to explore your data through stunning interactive dashboards? 

Order a modern budget management system right now!

Eigenmethod's team of business analysts, certified SAP Analytics Cloud consultants will help you create a single source of a holistic vision of your business. Business analysts will develop reports, and technicians will configure direct connections to cloud and on-premises data sources to obtain insight about business performance in seconds.

How do we do this?

Our business analysts will: 

  • carefully examine the various data sources in your company to create an enterprise analytics strategy;

  • analyze the data quality, set up procedures for cleaning and preparing data for analysis;

  • set up data visualization using the "data travel" method, when with each graph, you are increasingly immersed in the required data;

  • create such reports, using which you will receive an answer to any analytical question in four clicks;

  • set up the necessary data entry forms and planning forms for finance, sales, procurement and HR to organize joint planning for a given business process and version;

  • set up unique dashboards for you with the What-If analysis function, where you can simulate the development situations of your business;

  • create special predictive analytics reports, which are based on data will model and show how the results of your business will look in the future;

  • customize the visualization of dashboards on mobile devices for analysis, discussion in chats, adding documents and making decisions on the fly;

  • train users to independently create the necessary reports in SAP Analytics Cloud using an intuitive and straightforward tool.

We have professional financiers, a methodological base, experience in project implementation and modern IT tools for implementing a budget management system in your company. 

We look forward to discuss your business tasks! 

On what platforms is the budget management system implemented, and what does it look like?

Cloud platform SAP Analytics Cloud allows creating budgets in the web interface. An Internet browser is enough for your team to work on the budget. The built-in budgeting workflow system will coordinate the actions of the process participants. SAP Analytics Cloud enables making predictions based on historical data and performing "what-if" analysis in a scenario modelling system. The platform provides the ability to view information from mobile devices quickly.

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