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12 February 2024
Diia City

In the beginning of February, the management of Aigenmethod took part in the major business event Diia.City Anniversary 2.0, which took place at the "DiiA" events center. This event was dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the legal and tax space of Diia City.

It was a unique opportunity for Aigenmethod executives to obtain important information, exchange experiences and skills with the leaders of modern business. During the presentation, Mykhailo Fedorov, Head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, noted that currently there are 830+ IT companies in the space, employing over 62,000 professionals, with more than 100 resident companies in the defense-tech sector.

Also, at the conference they introduced the public association Diia.City United which brings together the largest Ukrainian technology companies. This association will facilitate dialogue between the government and the tech sector, help convey and uphold the interests of IT business, provide access to various resources including innovative technologies, expert support and business development opportunities within the Diia City ecosystem.

What advantages did this event bring to Aigenmethod? In contrast to other conferences, participation in Diia.City Anniversary 2.0 provided Aigenmethod's management with an additional opportunity to interact with other Diia City residents, establish new potential partnerships, exchange ideas and plan future joint projects.

This event signifies a new stage in the innovative development of Aigenmethod and our active participation in the grand idea of Diia City.

Happy Birthday, Diia City! We wish to turn Ukraine into a powerful technological state. We are moving towards this goal together.