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31 May 2023

Eigenmethod is pleased to announce that it has received the Sell Authorization-SAP Sales & Service Cloud, which opens up new opportunities for our customers.

SAP Sales & Service Cloud is an innovative product created by SAP that provides advanced capabilities in sales and customer service. This cloud-based solution includes a number of tools and functions aimed at effective sales management, improving customer interaction and optimizing service processes.

With SAP Sales & Service Cloud, our customers will enjoy the benefits of high-performance sales management tools, including automated processes, analytics, and forecasting. In addition, they will have access to integrated service tools that will help ensure excellent customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Key benefits of SAP Sales & Service Cloud for our customers:

Increased sales efficiency: The product provides an intuitive interface and tools that help optimize sales processes, including contact management, calendar management, forecasting, and analytics.

Improved customer experience: With integrated service tools, customers can receive fast and personalized support and use valuable analytics to develop effective customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Increase customer satisfaction: By optimizing their service processes, our customers will be able to provide prompt and high-quality support to their customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.

We are pleased to be able to offer SAP Sales & Service Cloud to our customers, as this product will provide them with the necessary tools to succeed in the sales and service industry. Thanks to the latest technologies and personalized approach, we are confident that our customers will be able to make their business more competitive and successful.

Contact us to learn more about SAP Sales & Service Cloud and how it can improve your business.