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9 June 2023

Eigenmethod, a leading company in the field of analytics and budgeting, is pleased to announce the attainment of the SAP Business Technology Platform competency with the Analytics and Planning specialization at the Essential level. This competency confirms Eigenmethod's deep knowledge and expertise in utilizing SAP BTP for analytics and planning.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) - SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a cloud platform developed by SAP, providing infrastructure for developing, deploying, and managing business applications. SAP BTP encompasses various services such as analytics, data integration, functionality extensions, mobile app development, security, artificial intelligence, and more. For analytics and planning, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) service is used within SAP BTP. SAC enables cloud-based analytics and planning, consolidating data from various sources, creating visualizations and reports, calculating key performance indicators (KPIs), implementing data input forms, and modeling and organizing data input processes. Utilizing SAP Analytics Cloud helps Eigenmethod provide advanced tools for analytics and planning to its clients.

Attaining the Essential level competency within SAP BTP confirms Eigenmethod's successful completion of SAP's training and project implementation requirements, as well as the high expertise of its consultants and maturity in customer engagements. The Essential level competency represents an important milestone in the company's development and the trust it has earned from its clients.

With specialization in Analytics and Planning, Eigenmethod is ready to assist its clients in optimizing analytical processes, automating planning, budgeting, and strategic planning to achieve their business goals. By leveraging advanced tools and SAP BTP technologies, Eigenmethod provides an integrated analytics platform that enables clients to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.