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29 May 2023

Anti-corruption policy is a fundamental element of a successful company, as it helps create fair and transparent conditions for all parties involved: employees, clients, and business partners. The main reasons why the Eigenmethod Anti-Corruption Policy is essential for the company:

● Trust assurance: the existence of explicit norms and procedures aimed at preventing corruption promotes the creation of trust both within the company and among clients and partners. This contributes to developing stable and mutually beneficial relationships with other business entities.

● Risk reduction: Anti-corruption policy helps the company prevent violations and immoral and dishonest actions. This reduces the risk of reputation loss, legal problems, and financial losses arising from corrupt activities.

● Promoting sustainable development: Anti-corruption policy creates a sustainable and efficient business environment. Reducing corruption risks enhances the company's attractiveness to investors and facilitates the development of long-term strategies aimed at sustainable growth.

Every year, we conduct training for Eigenmethod employees on anti-corruption rules, and this week we had a webinar at our company. During this webinar, the Anti-Corruption Program Officer reminded employees about two active and essential documents: the Anti-Corruption Program and the Eigenmethod Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Overall, the webinar covered the main rules and norms of the Anti-Corruption Program. The Authorized Officer explained to the attendees which rules should be followed to successfully implement the program. This includes prohibiting accepting and offering bribes, avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality, and other vital aspects.

The Authorized Officer emphasized the importance of employees being knowledgeable about their rights and obligations in case of receiving or demanding bribes. Recommendations were provided regarding how to behave in such situations, including how to act if the offer or demand is found to be unlawful.

Employees also had the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification and additional information on topics of interest to them. Participants could discuss specific situations and receive recommendations on how to resolve them per the company's policy.

The anti-corruption program is an integral component of Eigenmethod's strategy, and we strive to ensure its effective implementation and internal dissemination of awareness about the importance of combating corruption. We aim to create an ethical and responsible environment where all employees understand their duties and know how to act accordingly.