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31 May 2023
SAP CEE Partner Kick-off 2023

In April, Eigenmethod employees attended the SAP CEE Partner Kick-off 2023 in Bratislava, which brought together more than 200 delegates from Central and Eastern Europe.

The event showcased the latest technologies and innovations from SAP and celebrated the successes and experience of partners. The participants of the SAP CEE conference in Bratislava witnessed top-notch presentations and exciting discussions. Many interesting initiatives were presented that SAP is implementing to improve business in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition cloud solutions were announced as one of the main trends for 2023-2024. This new SAP solution will allow enterprises to maximize the use of cloud infrastructure for the speed and efficiency of business operations.

Another important topic of the conference is "Build, Grow and RISE with SAP". This approach allows SAP customers to build information systems in line with their business needs, develop their business and grow together with the vendor using the latest solutions and technologies.

Much attention was paid to discussing the experience of implementing projects using the SAP Business Technology Platform. This platform allows SAP customers to create and implement innovative solutions in all areas of business, making them more competitive in the market.

Tom Kindermans, CTO of SAP SE, was the expected speaker at the event. In his speech, he talked about the importance of innovation for business development and how technology can help organizations to deal with the complex challenges of today. He also expressed his unequivocal support for Ukraine and strongly condemned the war started by Russia. 

The presentation "Innovation is the Key to Success" by the unsurpassed Marc Raben left a vivid impression, in which he emphasized the need for innovation in the modern world and the role of each participant in this process. Mark used the metaphor of the "red monkey" to demonstrate how innovations can emerge on the edge of traditional industries but always need the support of "pioneers", "followers" and "adopters" to make them a reality, and shared his experience on how to get this support.

All 3 days of the conference were filled with warm live communication. Participants listened to presentations from SAP partners such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. They compared and discussed the benefits of using different hyperscalers, shared their experience in implementing new solutions, using advanced technologies, customer feedback, and project experience.

This forum has become an important event for business and technology in Central and Eastern Europe, where not only new products and solutions were presented, but also important values, support for innovation and peace. One of these values was Sustainability, as the ability to preserve and ensure the sustainable development of economic, social and environmental systems to meet the needs of present generations without depriving future generations of the ability to meet their own needs. The forum organizers emphasized that innovation has become a key success factor in the face of uncertainty and complex challenges faced today, and the participants gained valuable knowledge and opportunities to increase their business.