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19 May 2023

Our company always strives to preserve and honor our national heritage, so there is no better occasion for creativity and unity than the nationwide celebration - Vyshyvanka Day.

This year, we have organised a special photo contest to showcase our talented employees' love for embroidered shirts and their uniqueness.

Employees from all corners of our country and abroad participated in the contest, indicating the widespread prevalence and popularity of Ukrainian embroidered shirts among our colleagues. Among the participants were those who skillfully combined the Ukrainian embroidered shirt with exotic landscapes, such as a shirt against the backdrop of the vast ocean. Other employees showcased embroidered shirts carefully crafted by their great-grandmothers, which poignantly conveyed the spirit of past generations and the grandeur of Ukrainian culture.

The contest winner received a patriotic gift for their creativity and dedication to Ukrainian culture. The photo contest, "Vyshyvanka - Blending Tradition and Creativity," became a fantastic way for our employees to express their love for embroidered shirts and a source of inspiration and support for Ukrainian culture among us.

We take pride in our colleagues who participated in the photo contest and are grateful for their creativity, passion, and support of our cultural heritage. This contest once again highlighted the importance of the embroidered shirt as a symbol of national identity and unity

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