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23 August 2023

Dear Friends and Partners!

As the significant holiday for our country approaches - Ukraine's Independence Day - we open a page of history where the past and the future of our Homeland intertwine. This is a day when we unite the wisdom gained over years of existence with the responsibility for crucial decisions on the path to further victories.

On this great day, we collectively celebrate the heroic journey of our people, who fought for freedom and independence. This post is a window into the past and present of Ukraine, showing our role in creating a better, stronger nation.

The history of our independence is deeply marked by hardships and the high price our nation paid for freedom. The search for our own identity and the desire for self-determination were noted even in medieval times, but the true struggle for independence became active during the revolutionary events of 1917-1921, when we convincingly realized the importance of our own state.

Ukraine achieved full state independence after a nationwide referendum held on December 1, 1991, when 90.32% of citizens supported the idea of independence. This day became a crucial step towards freedom, defining the path of development and the growth of national consciousness.

In the 32 years since the declaration of independence, a generation of Ukrainians has grown up for whom "sovereignty" is not just a word, but a vital value, like a flag or anthem. This significant date has forever entered the history of our state, legally affirming the age-old democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian people towards national revival, spiritual freedom, and economic growth.

However, today Ukraine once again faces trials of strength and unity; we find ourselves defending our independence against russia's full-scale aggression. We are sure that we will not only stand as a sovereign state, but also take a worthy place among developed European countries.

Our company is an essential component of Ukraine's economic development. Aigenmethod has always aimed to be an active participant in positive changes in our state's economy and society.

We understand that the success of our business is not just our personal victory but also support for economic stability and the well-being of Ukraine as a whole. Our mission is to support innovation and job creation. We actively collaborate with both large and small businesses, uphold innovative ideas and initiatives, create jobs, and contribute to employment growth. We also take pride in our volunteer work and social responsibility.

From the bottom of our hearts and with all our soul, we wish you peace, goodness, prosperity, generous fortune, strength, and determination in all your endeavors. May the dream of a better future inspire you for new achievements, for new positive beginnings, in the name of our thriving independent Ukraine, and may an inexhaustible Shevchenko-inspired flame of love for our homeland burn in our hearts!

Aigenmethod continues to work actively towards victory, for the betterment of our native state's prosperity and the upliftment of the Ukrainian people's well-being!

Happy Independence Day! Glory to Ukraine!