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Integration of SAP Business One with analytical systems

expanding analytical capabilities

Integration of SAP Business One with analytical systems

Expanding SAP Business One's Analytics Capabilities with SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI.

vedomost    Reporting and data analysis have become necessary elements of successful business management. Information should be presented in a visual form, as users are accustomed to.

At Eigenmethod, we specialize in developing and implementing solutions that help improve reporting efficiency, as well as ensure easy integration of different business systems. Therefore, together with our partners TG Consulting, we have developed a package solution for displaying SAP Business One financial reports in the analytical systems of SAP Analytics Cloud or Microsoft Power BI.

TG Consulting is an SAP Business One ERP system integrator for small and medium-sized businesses, operating in the market since 2003 and having SAP Silver Partner status.

SAP Business One is an enterprise management system from SAP for small and medium-sized businesses, used in various industries and helping to solve a variety of tasks in finance, accounting, logistics, and customer relationship management. However, in order to effectively analyze data, powerful analytical tools are needed that can help businesses understand their operations and make informed decisions. One of the most popular reports in financial management is the Trial Balance.


This report provides detailed information about financial transactions in an organization over a certain period, including account turnover and balances. By integrating SAP Business One with analytical systems like SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI, we can offer our clients a convenient version of this report that consolidates data across all legal entities. With the help of the trial balance report, financial transactions can be analyzed by different areas of responsibility (for example, by types of activity, regions, projects, financial responsibility centers, etc.), and allows you to analyze data by drilling down to the lowest level - to a specific financial transaction.       

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    The joint work of TGC Consulting and Eigenmethod allows us to create not only reports, but also visual dashboards that best meet the individual needs of each client and help answer questions about business performance. We combine SAP Business One data with powerful data analysis and visualization tools offered by SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI. This allows our clients to quickly and easily analyze and track changes in data:

  • Evaluate sales dynamics by date, branch, warehouse, customer, and even product.
  • Analyze the timeliness of payments by orders.
  • Assess the efficiency of managers' work
  • etc


 Our team of experts will provide you with full support at all stages of implementation of the reports. We start with a thorough analysis of your needs. After that, we carry out the process of system configuration, report development and data visualization. Typically, within a week, we demonstrate the first visualization options, agree with you on changes and nuances. The project concludes with preparing your team to work with the new tools and providing post-implementation support. Choosing Eigenmethod to set up analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI will allow your business to achieve significant increases in productivity and analytical capabilities. Our solutions will help you focus on the strategic development of the business, maximize your potential and increase profitability by 15-20%.

   Contact us today to start a collaboration and see what opportunities the integration of SAP Business One with SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI analytical systems opens up for your business. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with personalized consulting and develop the optimal solution for your organization.

   Don't waste time manually creating reports. Trust this routine task to our team and take full advantage of analytics to make better management decisions. Together, we will make your business more productive and profitable!

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